Vector Road Map for a Base Map

Idea created by SWMPC_GIS on Aug 21, 2019
    • jnr155

    One of the most time consuming activities for me is labeling roads.  I've begun using ArcPro and the basemaps are very useful and fast but 90% of the time I cannot use the ESRI base map for the end products of maps for reports or larger maps for meetings. Additionally, I seldom am requested to make maps of one area or at the same scale.   The labels are not readable or the data overlaid on the base maps obscures the roads base map. What would be perfect is an ESRI base map with just roads and labels and the other areas transparent or a base map thats a vector layer where you could put this over other data.  Of course make labels at multiple scales.  

    Additionally, I seldom am requested to make maps of the same area or at the same scale, so it's difficult to keep templates of everything. 


    Is it a technological issue that inhibits a vector base map?