Show Geoprocessing details by default

Idea created by BillyBuerger on Aug 19, 2019
    • Abdullah.qasrawi93
    • jlburley

    The background geoprocessing concept can be useful in some cases.  In ArcPro, all geoprocessing is background.  I can get where ESRI is going with this.  But, in most cases, when I'm running some processing, I'm waiting for that to finish before I move on to something else.  I like to see the details of what is happening as well so I almost always hit the View Details button after starting a tool.  It would be nice if there were an option to show this by default.  Then, in the few cases were I do want to hide this while I do something else, I can just close it and let it continue to run in the background.  Although even than, I would likely just want to move the details off to the side so I can keep an eye on it while doing other things.


    Is there any option for this that I just haven't noticed?  If not, it would be a nice feature.