Add the ability to change the flash color when a selected item is clicked in the attributes pane or attribute table.

Idea created by mattbeal on Aug 15, 2019
    • john.m.dye
    • mattbeal

    In arcgis desktop, if you have multiple features selected and you are using the Attributes Pane, you can select one of the attribute in the pane to have it flash on the map in a dark green color, which contrasts nicely to the default selection color of cyan, thus making it easy to locate on the map. This is demonstrated in the 'ArcGIS Desktop Selection Flash' attachment. 


    In arcgis pro, this process works the same, however the selecton flash only slightly dims the cyan selection color and is much more difficult to notice, especially when a large number of features are selected. This is demonstrated in the 'ArcGIS Pro Selection Flash' attachment. As you can see, it is quite difficult to see which feature you are selecting since the "flash" is so faint. This problem is even worse when you are zoomed out to a small scale or if you have a number of tightly packed features. It is simply impossible to see which ones are being selected in the attribute pane. 


    I believe the default flash color should be changed to the same dark green used in ArcGIS desktop or there should be a way for the user to permanently change the default flash color. 


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