Allow Non-Survey Owners to Download Form in Survey123 Connect

Idea created by ryanuthoff on Aug 12, 2019
    • zgoodyear
    • bradysmith

    Currently, only the owner of the Survey123 may download the form in Survey123 connect (even if you are an admin in the Portal site). The only way around this is to either give the user the Survey123 .xls form, or to change ownership of the item in Portal. While not hard, it's kind of complicated and requires unnecessary additional steps.


    I propose that if you are an administrator (or have permissions to take ownership of another person's items in Portal), you should be able to download the Survey123 form in Survey123 Connect without going through the hassle of asking the owner of the item for the .xls form, or having to go into Portal and change ownership.


    My use case is we have multiple people who have a need to edit a single Survey123 form. Sometimes the Survey123 owner is out of the office but we have a need to modify a Survey123 form. It's a hassle to have to go in and change ownership of the Survey123 item just to update a form.