Add *.svg to supported image types for Enterprise Sites

Idea created by spk578 on Aug 8, 2019
    • leo33000
    • spk578

    When making sites I like to include icons and graphics (like those in this link) this is to make the site as informative and engaging as possible - the idea is I can provide an idea of what a particular feature is about through a graphic rather than a block of text.


    Although it is possible and easy enough to work with *.png versions of *.svg icons there are benefits of working directly with svg files in a website. For example, the ability to control the style of the svg through CSS e.g. invert from black to white (e.g. style="filter:invert(100%;)") based on the background colour - in this case the background might be subject to change during the design of the site and changing the CSS is easier than creating another version of a *.png in say black rather than white.


    Currently I can access *.svg files via writing HTML with accompanying CSS but I need to store the *.svg in a location accessible via hyperlink (e.g. src="").


    Will images in *.svg format be added to the list of supported data types for enterprise sites where we might be able to access and manipulate them?