Enable styling & sorting the database connections listed in Catalog in Pro

Idea created by Beibhin91941 on Aug 7, 2019
    • nawfsam183
    • shlousek

    Regarding the database connections list in Catalog in Pro (under the Databases heading), to make it easier to navigate and ensure the user can readily access the data they need, it would be helpful to have some options whereby the user could sort the database connections by database or database type or could color-code the connection names (and everything listed under them) by the database, the database type and maybe even who the connection connects as.


    In my database connections list (shown in the attachment), I have connections to development SDE database versions,  production SDE database versions and some file geodatabases. There are feature classes/tables in each and multiple feature datasets in the SDE databases. So, in particular when a database in the list is expanded, it's a bit difficult to navigate to find the data I want to access.


    Perhaps there are best-practices that I'm not following in relation to how many databases to have listed. But even if that's the case, I think this would still be helpful.