Create a GIS Template Tutorial in the ArcGIS API for JavaScript from Scratch

Idea created by 1_csergent08 on May 27, 2010
    For the novice, I thought it would be helpful to provide a tutorial on how to set up a website with ArcGIS Server in mind. This tutorial would demo recommended folders, why they are needed, exernal CSS, and external JavaScript.

    Having the logic of placement of files and code would help with understanding why something broke. Although onlne sample are quite helpful, not understanding where to logically place files could have all the right code in all the wrong places.

    There is no GIS/Web design class that I know of. Either programming is GIS focused in the GIS training or it is web focused in the Web training. Both only go so far until it's the other's problem to fix.

    Initiating a basic tutorial from the ground up could help build an efficient, well-designed, and structurally sound ArcGIS Server based website.