Multiple images (carousel?) w/ single feature, especially for StoryMaps!

Idea created by sperkins-esristaff Employee on Jul 31, 2019
    • anepp
    • Shawn_Sumpter

    For various forms of StoryMaps (when I was on the user side before working at ESRI, the want was for it with Tour), it would be fantastic were there an ability to simply drop in an image carousel, particularly with two capabilities: 1) Associate one point/feature with multiple images and 2) Be able to automatically update, I would imagine by referencing an album or folder (where photos could be added/subtracted). Needless to say, this would be a nice in other areas, too (basic popups, Hub, etc).
    A great example that could be a solution: there are a lot of state agencies and non-profits that organize cleanups. But for a cleanup across a state, you really want a single point representing a cleanup on a waterways. But especially when you have multiple groups (e.g., businesses that each want recognition) that do sub-group photos and when you have multiple trash drop-off locations, you really need to be able to display multiple photos.

    This is really a solution for any sort of points trying to summarize/represent events that need to have multiple photos to scroll through.

    I know there are workarounds for this, but they get complicated for most folks. This should be a simple option to have in a map, and it looks like it still isn't one; this should be an option AT LEAST in Story Map Tour but also perhaps for any map's pop-ups. The new Attachment Viewer ALMOST gets there but needs a different interface (would be nice if at least the map pane could be more prominent, a la Story Map Tour). 

    I saw this was referenced at least once before:

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