User-defined Analytic Tool Display Budget

Idea created by k.christen_crgis on Jul 31, 2019
    • k.christen_crgis

    As a police department analyst, I provide viewshed support to a variety of teams using a 3d model of our city combined with terrain data.  My practice is to take the viewsheds and place them into a briefing packet for a particular location in the city.  My goal is to provide one slide/graphic showing a 360-degree viewshed to show where there's overlapping visibility around a site.  Unfortunately, I often run out of room in my "display budget" and have to create two or more graphics to compensate.  


    As far as I can determine, there's no way for the user to define how large that "display budget" is, so I'm constrained by some ESRI-defined limit with no explanation for how ESRI has determined what the limit is.  Giving the individual user the option of defining their own budget would increase the flexibility of the platform by enabling the user to accept temporarily degraded performance in exchange for using the tool to its fullest potential.


    At the very least, ESRI should lay out the methodology for how the "display budget" is determined so users can better define how they use various elements of ArcGIS to maximize their ability to work within the program.