Pro metadata tools

Idea created by Konopkaeh on Jul 30, 2019
    • mbishopp

    We have numerous desktop workflows that make use of ArcCatalog toolbox tools that apparently are still missing in Pro:

    • Synchronize metadata 
    • Metadata Importer tool (move metadata without changing the xml)
    • XSLT Transformation - with most of the functions provided by the "gpTools" files, especially
      •    exact copy of
      •    remove empty elements
      •    remove geoprocessing history
      •    remove local storage info (and strict)
      •    remove synchronized elements


    • a delete metadata tool - instead of having to work around by importing a blank metadata xml!


    This idea has been marked as a duplicate of ArcGIS Pro: Support Metadata .  Note that the ability to script metadata workflows is a near-term item in the ArcGIS Pro Roadmap - July 2019.