Allow Submitters to edit their submissions in

Idea created by MichaelVanHatten_OGM on Jul 29, 2019
    Already Offered

    It would be really great if approved submiters could Edit their responses to the survey, on their computer, on 


    I work with inspectors who try to fill out the majority of the survey form in the field. They would like the ability to come back to the office and edit their answers back at the office. As the survey creator I can edit any response on As you can see in the attached photo when I select a survey I have the pencil and can edit the data. I have recently been told the Inspectors do not have this ability. I think that they should be able to edit their responses here just as I am able to. It would be great if it were an option I could control. I am aware that the inspectors can edit the data in the feature class but this is a little to involved for my circumstance. If anyone has a cleaver work around that doesn't involve, non-gis staff editing the raw feature class that would be great.