Restore a Crashed APRX

Idea created by thowze on Jul 17, 2019

    I have experienced many crashes with the software throughout the years, in Pro and Map.  Mostly, unfortunately, at random and unrepeatable.  Looking on blogs and geonet it looks like I am not the only one has this frustration with the software.  For this, I proposed some mechanism that will log aprx project items that are changing in real-time which will allow the user to restore the aprx to the project status before the crash (if so desired).   If every "major" transaction (layout creation, map creation, symbology change, etc) is recorded then we should be able to look at the log and back-up to a particular point.  Say if the crash happened after data was added, then back up right before the point before data was added.  I see this as an amazing tool to help troubleshoot more effectively on what caused the problem because the user can add the data again, and see if was indeed the data that was corrupt.     


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