Improvement polygon volume

Idea created by StephanieGoudeseune on Jul 17, 2019
    • StephanieGoudeseune
    • shlousek

    In version 2.4, the performance of the Polygon Volume GP tool has improved significantly.

    Since we calculate a lot of volumes for huge areas with a lot of polygons, the performance of the tool is essential for us:


    To follow up earthmoving works, we want to see the value of volume below a plane and above a plane. Currently, I need to run the tool twice to get both values for each polygon. Once with the parameter 'Calculate above the plane', a second time with the parameter 'Calculate below the plane'.  I would like to have the option to choose 'Calculate Both'.



    1. The user only needs to run the tool once

    2. Most importantly, this could make the tool perform even better: The tool can collect the part of the TIN to cover the polygon, and make immediately 2 calculations on this.