Improve ArcGIS Pro Project Template Discoverability for Users

Idea created by andrewdc_eqcnz on Jul 15, 2019
    • andrewdc_eqcnz
    • kjetil4
    • tpcolson

    One thing that ArcMap still does well is the ability to quickly find templates installed on the machine at startup. I would love for ArcGIS Pro to be able to show project templates at startup in the same manner, so that people in our organization can quickly use them.


    This could be done by looking in a common directory we could place company templates in with the local installation as ArcMap does. I see that there's some default templates in C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\Pro\Resources\ProjectTemplates, but placing our organizational template there doesn't make it visible on the starting screen - it would be great if any templates placed here would clearly come up to the user at startup.


    Alternatively, using Portal/ArcGIS Online hosted templates, there could be a 'Featured Templates' section visible at Pro startup to everybody that could contain organizational project templates for anyone in the organization to use. Currently, this is only possible if the template is shared through a group to the specific user, or by searching manually, which isn't a great user experience if you're trying to get the template discoverable to all of your organization.


    I'm aware that once a template is used, it will come up in the future under 'Recent Templates', which is great - however it doesn't solve the problem of the initial discovery.