Pro: Map Frame Choices should sort as maps are sorted in Cat Pane

Idea created by tpcolson Champion on Jul 11, 2019
    • tpcolson
    • shlousek

    I really think this is a bug, but here goes: 


    I have a project with a gazillion maps


    I want (2) in this new layout I just fired up


    So I go to Map Frame and.....after scrolling up and down for 4,002,132 years, I eventually find it


    Note how the sort order in the Map Frame drop not sorted in any way I can determine, nor can I control it. 

    Same if I do this: 



    I realize I can just drag the map over into the layout from the cat pane, but that gives me a map zoomed to the extent of the basemap layer (world), which I was sadly told is not a bug