CarPlay/Android Auto integrations for Runtime Apps

Idea created by john.m.dye on Jul 5, 2019
    Under Consideration
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    Since more modern cars are coming with CarPlay and Android Auto support, I think it would be great to be able to get CarPlay/Android Auto integrations for the runtime apps.


    At a minimum, I would think Navigator and Tracker would be prime candidates for this. I'm actually surprised that Navigator doesn't already have this feature. I could see Workforce benefiting from it as well.


    Collector would be great too, but I can see all kinds of problems with that in terms of "distracted driver" issues. Even so, I could see it being very useful for digitizing service roads or new streets, off road trails and such. Just set collector to some sort of 'stream collection' mode, tell it your speed and drive the route at that speed.


    If even a halfway solution could be figured out, a CarPlay/Android Auto solution would be a lot better than what is probably already happening in scenarios where someone is driving and using one of these apps at the same time.