Improving Attribute Table Manipulation in PRO

Idea created by ssthompson_CABQ on Jul 3, 2019
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    I like PRO a lot but I am sorely missing some ArcMap features of Attribute table readability. It would be nice if PRO retained ArcMap's ability to highlight multiple fields in an attribute table and change their sizes simultaneously. When there are greater than 15 fields and the two you need are at either ends of the table, it would be nice to be able to shrink the fields in between all at once rather than having to do each one individually. I realize I can move a field but in this case I have multiple fields that are next to each other, and multiple other fields grouped together and would like to be able to see these two sets simultaneously.I know I can "hide field" but ideally would rather not. I have to make about 12 fields smaller that are in the middle- O.N.E B.Y. O.N.E. Kind of annoying.

    Also, in scrolling down rows, PRO goes sooooo slow when using the arrows. When using the scroll bar, PRO blocks out the fields that are being passed so overshooting by ALOT is extremely common. also rather cumbersome as a new feature.

    To the powers that be, retaining those features of ArcMap would be very appreciated.

    Thank you