Enhance ArcGIS Pro Bin functionality

Idea created by Gerald_Daumiller on Jul 1, 2019
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    I used the new 'binning" functionality for the first time today in ArcGIS Pro 2.4.  Here are the things that I would like to see changed:

    1. Enable binning for file geodatabase layers.  I don't have an enterprise geodatabase.  In order to use binning, I had to use SQL Express, which I prefer not to do.
    2. I would like the identify tool to pop-up all of the features in the bin I click on, rather than statistics about the bin.  I know based on using the tool with the features in my layer that it will be painfully slow for bins with lots of data, but it would be really, really, really handy for the small bins. 
    3. Allow labeling the bins with their statistics in conjunction with the unclassed colors option.  This is only available with the single symbol option.  To do both, you have to put the layer in the map twice: 
    4. It would be nice if the table of contents only showed the active symbol for the layer, rather than both the bins and the features.
    5. Allow the use of point symbols similar to what my photo management software, ACDSee, uses.  This is probably a Google Maps thing: My problems with ACDSee are that it only lets you map one folder at a time, and it does not allow geocoding of videos.  So I'm trying to use ArcGIS Pro for it instead.
    6. Make the bins use 50% transparent polygon fill symbols by default.  That's what all the examples show, and I can't image that anyone would want the bin polygons to cover up their base map data:   - No.