Label if a Layer is a Hosted Feature Service in ArcGIS Pro's Table of Contents

Idea created by JMak_NC on Jun 28, 2019
    • Hornbydd
    • Buckeye18
    • JMak_NC

    It'd be great if, in ArcGIS Pro, a layer would indicate if it was a hosted feature service. This is because I often pull copies of hosted feature service layers offline (or inversely, publish an offline layer), then work with both layers in the same project. I can easily get the two layers--which have the same name--confused.

    Furthermore, there have been times when I thought a layer was hosted when it wasn't or vice versa, which causes confusion. This is especially important since edits made to a hosted feature service layer can't always be undone.


    Here's a mockup picture of what this might look like if I published a layer, then added the hosted feature service version of that to the project afterwards:

    Example of a Layer with '(Hosted Feature Service)' Labeled Next to It