Survey123 Inbox - Allow user to interact with value of query being applied

Idea created by mbrueningesi on Jun 18, 2019
    • dthompson299
    • mbrueningesi
    • YYokozawa1
    • rozekc_washtenaw

    This idea is meant to allow for both the publisher of the survey and the surveyor using the survey to define a value for the query being conducted within the "Inbox" through an interaction from the surveyor prior to applying the refresh process.


    The publisher would have the ability to specify a "question" from the survey that would provide the surveyor a list of choices for values that could be used within the Inbox query. This would require that the field have a "select" type question in order to help conform the query string being passed. It would something similar to the way we filter records on the "data" tab within the Survey123 website, but not as complex and would only use one field.


    For instance I have a survey that we use to collect the same data schema across multiple project numbers. It would be great to give the surveyor the opportunity to select which project number they would like to have queried back into their Inbox. Otherwise, it requires the publisher to update the Inbox query per person per project and have them download the survey directly after the form with an updated query for their project.


    It could look something like this below, where the Inbox would add the question into dialog and allow the surveyor to choose which value is passed within the query operation.