Overwrite geocoding services through ArcGIS Pro

Idea created by Guus.Klaas_stedin on Jun 18, 2019
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    We've recently started discovering the geocode API quite a lot at my company. A lot of teams develop on it, but we also use an asset-based geocoder to optimise a lot of workflows that, when looking up through feature service/raw database would simply be too slow.


    The workflow to update a geocoder is currently quite wonky. The result's always a lot of LOC/LOC.XML/LOX files, one for each component of our composite geocoders. Whereas the publishing workflow is easy enough, as is the re-generating of it, the sad thing is there's no 'overwrite existing geocoder' function, and I have tried through ArcPY as well (though then again, I could be missing something...). Sadly a... seizable more... undocumented "stop service > overwrite files in ArcGIS Input directory > start service" workflow also yielded no result, as the folder structure's different and there's simply too much changed for the service to still start afterwards.


    I'm looking for a method to update a geocoding service content frequently, on-the-fly, and preferably: without downtime. Any ideas? Even the overwrite function which was implemented at around ArcGIS Pro 2.0 (which does a delete/rename/re-ID underwater) would be a huge improvement...