User Friendly 'access denied' messages for WABuilder

Idea created by Guus.Klaas_stedin on Jun 14, 2019
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    Currently we're releasing an app to a select part of our users to work in, in conjunction with Survey123. Because of local rules/regulations and us having to deny core access to a large set of our data, our security model is white list based. Combined with a SAML-based identity provider which basically makes the portal user as he joins, we're often running in users not always having access to what they need for their job. These users are often field engineers, who we really have to 'train' in using GIS (they, however, quickly fall in love and start exploring/building soon after). This means we often get support requests like this:



    That's a shame, as we really engaged with the community of our company and have 'champions' all over our organisation that for their department also function as content manager. Due to the 'techy' nature of the error, however, they go to us.


    My question:

    • Could the message be made more friendly, referring to the layer/app/map name instead of the REST URL, pointing the user in the right direction?
    • Could we, for situations like this, possibly customise errors?


    Thank you!