Proxy Login for Collaboration on Referenced Items

Idea created by daniel.mccullock_lpinsw on Jun 10, 2019
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    We currently run a "Hub" Enterprise Portal which is the collaboration space for State Agencies and Organisations to share data securely between Portals. Logins across all these Portals are not federated. So for example, user from Agency A collaborates to the Hub Portal so that user from Agency B Can access and utilise this data. To do this we can create a copy of the data to the Hub portal or we can send it as a reference by using the collaboration method.


    If we create a copy, the data will be accessible to the Agency B user but we are creating a duplication of the dataset which may not always be in sync.


    If we create a reference, the data will not be duplicated and will be up to date as per the originators portal but this means that the user from Agency B would require a login to the Agency A portal to utilise this data. Multiply this by 50 to 100 agencies and we have a big problem.


    My idea is to enable authentication for collaborated items to be proxied across to the receiving portal to enable a more functional collaboration space.