Move to a New Computer

Idea created by rockoncali on Jun 6, 2019
    • bhemmer_usfs
    • rockoncali
    • Davewsel

    I think keeping the mappy world running is one of my most important things that I keep in mind when I migrate to a new computer but as evinced by my train wreck that was yesterday, I forget about how important that is to me...and how many minutes add up to hours to fix everything again back to how I like it.

    It would be really neat if there could be a geoprocessing tool (or python). That could copy all of my folder connections and my database connections and server connections and whatnot...and heck, while I'm dreaming, all the toolbars I have open and where I like them (if you have New, Open, Save, Print anywhere but upper top left, you might be a serial killer).

    Dreamweaver has a nice function that lets you save/export all your site information/connections, I suppose that I would like something to be able to export this file and something else to suck it up and move stuff. It might be handy for setting up a new install for an employee who is new to the office. We have some python scripts we use for setting up database connections but all my stupid folder connections that I forgot to even screenshot...are annoying to reconnect.