Add Survey123 skip logic to navigate to pages

Idea created by maho on Jun 4, 2019
    • mcjames76
    • maho
    • Joseph.Waters_usfs
    • data.officer

    Following up on this thread on skip-logic in Survey123 connect, I would like to see skip logic extended to groups that are used to page the Survey123 forms. Currently when a group is used for paging the form and you use relevance to jump to a group, it shows up as an empty page.


    I have a select multiple list on page 1

    - A

    - B

    - C

    - D


    Then depending on the number of choices ticked on page 1, I would like to see page 2 filled with detail questions about if A has been selected (relevance = regex(${p1_question},1) , page 2 with details on A and page 3 with details on C if both A and C have been selected (relevance = regexp(${p1_question},3), etc.


    With the current option I can only get as far as having a page 2, with all relevant groups showing on that page 2. As I have a list of 6 choices on page 1 and detailed follow-up questions on all choices, my page 2 gets quite long.