Idea created by GISOVERSTRAND on May 31, 2019

    I would like to suggest the idea of a Rapid  Development Tool by Esri that would allow for building CRUD Forms (.Net,Python,JavaScript) on top of Map/Feature Services. Basically all of the Esri Solutions (GeoForm,Survey123, Web Builder) are map-centric and therefor not suitable to be used as applications or business solutions that are of a more form-centric nature at times. Meaning the client wants create,view and edit its system of records by means of a form based experience. Just to give an idea of the need of such a tool would be that my company was ask to develop a application for one of our clients  in ASP.NET MCV with some spatial component to it. Basically, what they wanted was a workflow that would start inside a ASP.NET Form and ended with a point feature created on the same table/feature class after the Address Information of the Client was entered or captured,using a SQL Trigger. Unfortunately we couldn't come up with a solution fast enough and so a great opportunity passed us by.


    So, i would appreciate it,if i can find support for this idea, maybe, theirs lots of other people out there that are in need of  building crud forms on top of map services, feeling stuck with only whats available at the moment.


    Please support this idea, its definitely a game changer should Esri decide to create/develop such a tool for us.