Administration Role on ArcGIS Pro Online to not consume "Creator" seats by default

Idea created by justin.scott1990 on May 31, 2019
    • dewright_ca
    • justin.scott1990



    It has recently come to my attention that, as a Network Administrator, I am not able to administer licenses for my users without consuming a seat in my total amount of "Creators" seats online...


    NEED to be able to administer user licenses without consuming overall "Creators" seats.  Otherwise, I am relying on that portion of my job to someone who has a much better use of their time being a billable employee.  Purchasing an extra seat is NOT an option for me to be able to do this due to the fact I for one do not use the software or anything close to it, and should not consume a seat in my overall amount of ArcGIS Pro Online "Users".  My sole job is to make sure that individuals who need the product can get it without hassle.


    Currently, the way ESRI handles theses accounts IS a hassle, for both the users and I.  I currently have to login as someone else to be able to be able to dictate which users can use what software in order to not consume a seat in ArcGIS Pro Online.  This is unacceptable, and ESRI SHOULD have a way for non-ArcGIS Pro Online users to manage licenses without taking up a seat in the overall amount of real ArcGIS Pro Online users.


    Please implement a way to where I can have control over who has access to what / when without actually consuming seats for my online account when I do not need the features of a regular user of ArcGIS Pro Online.


    Thank you.