WAB Infographics widget (Pie/Dount Chart) does not pull layer symbology from a results layer

Idea created by mpschoelen0 on May 31, 2019
    • mpschoelen0

    When using the WAB Infographics widget in the Infographics template, the option to select a layer's symbology from a Query Result layer is hidden.


    With a regular feature layer:


    1) A layer is selected from Map



    2) Under Display settings, "Use layer's symbology" is available as an option



    With a Query result output layer:


    1) A layer is selected from Extra data source


    2) Under Chart settings > Display, the option for "Use layer's symbology" is not available as an option



    The Query result layer is using "symbols defined by the layer" in this scenario.


    Use symbols defined by the layer



    Is there another way around this restriction?