Search Needs Work

Idea created by on May 24, 2010

    I don't see a forum for yet, so I'm using the forum for ArcGIS Online instead.


    The default setting of the new site is not "Show: All Content" but rather "Show: Web Content Only". This prevented me from seeing, at least initially, a layer that I knew was there (having found it previously in ArcGIS Online), as well as others that could be used with ArcGIS Desktop. It took too much time to figure out why, and many users might just miss the other content. So I think it's a serious mistake to make "Web Content Only" the default rather than "All Content".

    It also doesn't seem to make sense for this to be a separate item from the drop-down list that appears when you type a search phrase. It's very confusing to have "Search All Content" in one place and "Show: All Content" in another, and not have the former display everything it (presumably) finds.


    I'd suggest a set of checkbox filters that appear in the drop-down. Then people could choose different combinations as they see fit. For example:


    [ ] Maps
        [ ] Web-viewable
        [ ] Downloadable:
            [ ] ArcGIS Desktop 9.3
            [ ] ArcGIS Desktop 9.3.1
            [ ] ArcGIS Desktop 10
            [ ] ArcGIS Explorer
    [ ] Apps
    [ ] Tools
    [ ] ESRI Content
    [ ] User-Supplied Content


    As usual, clicking on "Downloadable" would select everything contained below it.


    The default might be all of these checked, but changes would be saved in a cookie for later access.