ArcGIS Pro Image Analyst: It should be possible to to adjust mouse wheel sensitivity for z-value

Idea created by on May 23, 2019

    In Image Analyst, the height (z-value) of the stereo cursor can be changed by rotating the mouse wheel. I use a standard mouse. When I rotate the wheel one notch, the height interval of the stereo cursor is as follows:

    • approximately 0.5 meters on some ADS images
    • approximately 1 meter on other ADS images
    • approximately 2 meters on Ultracam frame images


    It is possible to accelerate or decelerate the amount by which moving the mouse wheel changes height by using the Shift or Capslock key respectively. This is not enough, however. It is important that users will have more fine grained control over this. It should be possible to define the height interval of one notch of the mouse wheel to minimal 0.1 meters on all images.