SDE Performance Degradation Using Topology with Large Datasets

Idea created by m5odecdb on May 16, 2019
    • m5odecdb
    • jmccracken1978

    Currently ESRI'S SDE geodatabase has performance degradation issues when adding, deleting, or making attribution changes on features when the SDE utilizes a Topology on a large dataset (example: 30,000 polygons representing land parcels and five rules involving three Feature Classes).   According to ESRI, this slowness should be expected on SQL Server, Oracle, and PostgreSQL when a topology feature class is used. The database is performing checks on "dirty areas" when edits are made causing the process to be slow.


    I suggest making a modification to the enterprise geodatabase design to handle edits in a way that does not degrade speed while using toplogies or add the Disable Network Topology functionality to non-network topologies. A enhancement request has been logged with ESRI for such a tool:  ENH-000122376