ArcPro model builder improve parameter order in tools

Idea created by Hornbydd Champion on May 15, 2019
    • mboeringa2010
    • Hornbydd

    In ArcMap when you open a tool in model builder the model inputs/outputs are shown first alongside their recycle symbol as shown below. This is logical and sensible as they are the model elements you are most likely to interact with.



    In ArcPro model inputs/outputs are shown at the very bottom, so you have to scroll past all the layers in your map first. It also has an irritating behaviour of expanding as you scroll down and you loose control of the scroll. I demonstrate this in the mini video below.


    My idea is to place model elements at the top of the list to improve access to them and try and sort out this "jumping" behaviour of the dialog. It would also be nice to see icons to visually identify layers from model elements as in ArcMap.


    Example of tool behaviour