Add ability to define default Start page URL for all users in Enterprise Portal

Idea created by tcontreras on May 10, 2019
    Partially Implemented
    • tcontreras

    Please add the ability to define a default value for users' "Start page" (In the users' properties, it is stored as "landingPage"). When a new user is added to Portal, this value is blank. Depending on the type of user, once they complete the signin process they are redirected to the home page or the Organization Page (for admins). For my situation, I want the redirect to go to the gallery I have set up specifically for authenticated users.


    To achieve this, there are two options I could think of:

    1. Each user has to know to go to edit their profile and set their Start page to Gallery

    2. Do what I do: run a script that goes through every users' JSON response for a properties request, evaluate if a landing page has been defined, if not update the JSON to add the string "landingPage":{"url":"gallery.html"} and send the updated JSON to the setProperties endpoint.


    The script has to be run daily (ideally multiple times a day) in order to catch new users. This seems unnecessary and is still not as effective nor efficient as having this as a default setting. I had also considered doing something in the Postgresql database used by portal but decided that would be too dangerous.@