Allow Arc Collector to push GPS accuracy settings by map

Idea created by UtahBasinRec on May 7, 2019
    • UtahBasinRec

    Not all data needs to be collected at the same accuracy.  Current settings of Arc Collector restrict the GPS accuracy to the App level.  As a manager of many field maps, it would be helpful to be able to set the accuracy level for data collection base on the map that is created. 


    For these reasons:

    1. Most of the time I do not have access to the phones that are being used for data collection.  Sometimes they are contractor phones in other towns. 
    2. The user may not have the expertise to change the setting or the reliability to change the setting as needed.
    3. It is cumbersome to have one user that has many maps on their phone to change the setting depending on which map they are using.