Improve offline maps for Survey123, similar to those in Collector

Idea created by pfroemke_usfs on May 3, 2019
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    Add Collector-type mapping ability to Survey123. I have been trying to get custom basemaps to work in Survey123 and have found the whole process extremely cumbersome. The help documents state that I should be able to create a custom basemap for offline use in Survey123--I still don't have it working after DAYS spent on this project (currently awaiting response from Esri tech support).


    In Collector one can see the imagery basemap for an entire county, zoom in to select the area of interest, then define the level of detail in the imagery map. Done--ready for field data collection.


    With Survey123 you have to create some sort of tpk file (haven't got this to work really at all in either ArcMap or Pro), paste some text into the survey's .info file (which then gets re-written and lost when you publish the survey), select the map in Connect (if it even shows up in the list at all) and hope it works. It hasn't so far for me. Just seems like this process could be streamlined a bit.


    The Survey123 smart forms are great--now if only the maps were.