ArcGIS Pro - Highlight Edit tab if unsaved Edits

Idea created by William.Christmas_DGIS on May 3, 2019
    Partially Implemented
    • aviris
    • William.Christmas_DGIS
    • tmmaccel
    • jkinney_DOC

    Within ArcGIS Pro, when edits have been made, Highlight (brightly) the Edit tab in the ArcGIS Pro Ribbon until the edits are saved. 


    An example of the usefulness of this functionallity...

    When developing and creating schema and data in file geodatabases within ArcGIS Pro I have found that I will occasionally make schema changes (e.g. add fields) to a layer only to find that I cannot save those schema changes because I have unsaved edits that I've forgotten to save before making the schema changes.  Highlighting the Edit tab would visually signal to myself, or any ArcGIS Pro user, that unsaved edits are present and that the edit workflow needs to be completed before continuing with other tasks which cannot be completed when unsaved edits are present.


    I have noticed enhancements have been made to some ArcGIS Pro Toolbox Tools to notify, within the tool, that edits have been made and need to be saved.  This looks like it was implemented for similar reasoning.  However, my request, to highlight the Edit tab, would serve as a more comprehensive solution, being able to be seen regardless of the method in which the edits were applied.