Allow Workforce dispatchers the ability to add new workers and assignment types

Idea created by btkinal_SyrUniv on May 2, 2019
    • btkinal_SyrUniv
    • nspittlemeister_LCFPD
    • buehlerd

    In my case (and I am guessing others) as a GIS analyst I am often creating content for other staff and am typically not the project lead for data collection endeavors. I have created a few Workforce projects for other staff who are the project managers and dispatchers for their work crews, and their main complaint with Workforce is that they can not add workers or assignment types themselves, they always have to come back to me. Unfortunately the way Workforce is currently set up the project owner is the only one that has the ability to add workers and assignment types. I am aware that the project ownership can be changed the the AGOL administrative level but this is still a bit of a headache if a project has multiple project managers who need to update workers. A way is needed to allow multiple users to add workers and assignments to a Workforce project that they don't own. I would suggest that this could be done by allowing dispatchers the ability to add this content, or possibly by changing the roll of users to group managers within the group that the Workforce project is shared.