markerSymbol rendering image's real height and real width

Idea created by laddieboy on May 3, 2019
    • laddieboy
    • rscheitlin

    We have an application where we have hundreds of icons (small image files) of different sizes that clients can assign to items that get put onto an interactive map.  We currently need to use a javascript work around to detect and set the height and width of each image placed onto the interactive map.


    It would be great to add a new option to be able to set the markerSymbol height and width to be the image's real height and real width so that we do not have to jump through hoops in our code.  It would simplify our code and make your product easier to use for everyone.


    For example:




    Maybe the above could tell ESRI maps to detect the actual height or width of the image and use that instead.