Change Name for Web AppBuilder (Non-Developer Edition)

Idea created by Tom_Bell on Apr 19, 2019
    • markvandrews1969
    • Tom_Bell
    • allisonw

    Web AppBuilder is a fantastic tool, and I use it to build many custom web apps.


    I have run into a problem, however, in that if I'm seeking information about Web AppBuilder and use Esri "Help" or a search engine or GeoNet, etc., about 90% of the results I get are for Web AppBuilder (Developer Edition).  Many times, even if it doesn't say "Developer Edition" in the title of the search result, that's often what a search result actually pertains to.  So in short, I can't just search for information/help about the NON-Developer Edition.  And despite virtually the same name, the two applications are in fact VERY different, and the result is that I spend a lot of time needlessly searching (and often not finding) what I need to know about Web AppBuilder because the information I'm seeking is buried under results for Web AppBuilder (Developer Edition).


    It would be GREAT if Esri could change the name of one or the other of these (very different) applications.  Thanks!