Adding scale text to ArcGIS Online webmaps

Idea created by htouyeras_1 on Apr 16, 2019
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    This is a Duplicate of  Please visit that idea to vote and comment.


    The webApp Builder allows customizing the scale bar, so that the scale text can be displayed. 

    The same capacity is lacking for webmaps, when it would be a good functionnality to perceive what the displayed scale is. 

    Case scenarios could be

    • sharing content to users that are used to using scale texts (does this compare to my usual map?)
    • Making testing cached services easier, by making the testing scale explicit


    I have found this post, on the same topic:

    However, the reply given in that post provides no help for regular (non-developer) users. 


    Could scale texts be added in theArcGIS Online/portal roadmap, please?!


    Many thanks!!


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