Auto-Refresh Folders/DB Connections in Pro

Idea created by nfazer_midlandcounty on Apr 12, 2019

    Pro needs to be able to automatically refresh/update folders and geodatabase connections. I literally have to click the refresh every folder, subfolder, file geodatabase, sde connection, etc. to get things to show up. This is a waste of time and an annoyance to have to do this every, single, time.


    Update: I did a little testing on this and it almost seems like Pro cache's what is inside every folder connection/db when it's installed or first used but then you have to manually refresh it every time. When I go into any number of folder connections, the files and folders that show in Pro are from months ago, when I first installed Pro on this machine. I hit refresh and all my current stuff shows up. Why is Pro caching or only seeing what was first there? Is there a way to clear that out in the settings somewhere?