Disable Field sort hold in ArcGIS Pro Attribute Table while editing

Idea created by stsnider on Apr 11, 2019

    I discovered a difference between ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro when editing values in a sorted field.  In ArcMap, you sort the field ascending, then make your edits in that field.  As you edit, this results in the records now being out of order.  To reorder the records, you sort the field again.  But in ArcGIS Pro, the field sort holds as you're editing.  When you make changes to a value on a field that has a sort assigned and hit enter, the record will be sorted ascending with the other records.  This results in the record moving to a different row position in your table view when you may not have wanted it to be moved.  This can be frustrating when you are editing because the rows move (resort) every time you make an edit.  This 'feature' in ArcGIS Pro drove me so crazy that I had to move back to ArcMap to do my attribute editing.


    There needs to be an option when sorting records during editing that allows you to sort once or sort and hold.


    My suggestion is similar to this idea but different in that it doesn't pertain to attribute domains.