Allow overwriting a HFS that has views and sync

Idea created by nfazer_midlandcounty on Apr 11, 2019

    We've published several internal authoritative layers to AGO for our Org's users - parcels with tax info, 911 addresses and centerlines, etc. I was looking forward to creating views from these source hosted feature services for use with different users and groups. After creating numerous views and adding them to maps and apps, I was very frustrated (but honestly not surprised) that I can't overwrite a source hosted feature service from Pro that has views associated with it.


    What is the point of creating views if we can't overwrite/update the source/parent HFS used to create the views? And this is still an issue when Sync is enabled too. I used to get a warning saying a HFS couldn't be overwritten if existing "copies" existed because of Sync. Now I'm getting the same warning about views.


    Allow AGO users to overwrite a HFS even if it has views associated with it and sync enabled. I'm not sure how else we can get our SDE data (updated daily) out to AGO without this functionality. I'm not turning off sync and deleting views every week so I can simply update a source HFS with our internal SDE data.


    Even though we don't use it, from what I've seen in these forums this is also an issue for overwriting HFS through python scripting too.