Expand classification options in Data Clock, ArcGIS Pro

Idea created by geodoozer on Apr 10, 2019
    • ChrisClarke
    • BhavnaKalla
    • geodoozer

    I am using ArcGIS Pro's cool Data Clock functionality to explore visitor numbers at tourist spots.  The Data Clock shows some exciting patterns, but now I want to compare locations and show several data clocks within a layout.  I also want to choose classes that are meaningful to a layperson audience.


    I notice there are very few classification options in the Data Clock tool compared to e.g. the Graduated Colors symbology.  Would it be possible to give the Data Clock tool the full set including Manual Interval?


    Classification methods comparison

    I regret I don't know how hard this is in terms of coding, but such functionality would greatly expand the utility of the Data Clock tool.


    Many thanks for your consideration.