ArcGIS Online Item Details Page - "Updated" Date

Idea created by Chris.Bardash_TXDOT on Apr 10, 2019

    The "Updated" date on the ArcGIS Online item details page should reflect the date the data was updated, rather than the date the item details were updated. 

    The "Updated" date near the top of the item details page is not necessarily the date the data was last updated.  That date can be found on the right side pane, under the Details header, and is called "Data Last Updated."  This is the date users care about.  They are mislead, for example, if I fix a typo in the item details page, into thinking that's when the data was last updated.  So, my suggestion is to make the "Updated" date reflect the date the data was last updated, or swap the locations of these dates.

    This image shows an example of the Items Details page in ArcGIS Online, the various update dates, and their confusing placement.