Add support for multiple Survey123 form editors

Idea created by sroybal_usfs on Apr 9, 2019
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    Hi there,


    Is there a way to update Survey123 so that more than one person can edit a form?


    It would be great if you could be shared as an editor on a Survey123 form on AGOL, and then have the option to download through Survey123 Connect, make changes, and then sync back up. Then the other editors would have access to the changes live on AGOL as well as locally the next time that they synced.


    Currently, there can be only a single  editor of a form, the owner, and even changing the owner of a form is a bit of a hassle. 


    I know that this is a recurring pain point in a number of organizations as I've worked with a few of them. What usually ends up having to happen is that instead of really relying on just AGOL and other ESRI products, the Survey123 directory has to be kept on a separate cloud product (Dropbox, GitHub, etc), and even then, only one person is able to publish updates back up. In addition to being clunky, whole chunks of work are frequently lost due to syncing issues.


    This functionality would be especially helpful in cases where a hand-off needs to happen, such as where the original owner is leaving (or left!), as well as when a project requires specialized knowledge that is shared across teams.


    Thanks for any effort that can be put into this