No time in Date field

Idea created by MicheleHosking on Apr 7, 2019
    • MicheleHosking
    • a.Galen

    It would be great in ArcPro if there was the ability to not record time as part of the date.

    One possibility would be a setting on the field that doesn't show the time portion of the date - anywhere in pro, attribute table, selection clauses etc.  Maybe with this setting the time it defaults to 12.00am even when you use the 'Today' feature of the date picker.

    It just seems to me that more often than not the time  feature that is entered into a feature class is generally not needed.  I understand in some circumstance it is but generally speaking it's too precise for any real use and it would be good it this information was not shown to users.


    If there is a way to do this already please let me know!