Co-owner of Survey123 for changing and printing 

Idea created by Michelle.Fults@vdot.virginia.gov_VDOT on Apr 5, 2019
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    I would like to suggest an enhancement from the user's side to be able to be a co-owner on AGOL/Survey123 so that we can add custom templates/forms to  I can not add a form template of a report that my consultant created because he is the owner and unfortunately he is unavailable for several weeks.  Up until the update a couple of weeks ago (and in videos on YouTube) even as an end user I was able to upload custom forms for printing reports from data gather in the Survey123 process.  I was always able to go to report and select "manage template/report".  We as end users are helpless if we need a new report on the fly and have to give it to our consultants instead of doing this on our own through a power user such as myself.  It may take the consultant a few days to do the report and it costs money where if it is done within the organization it does not cost that extra money.  Being able to manage and print a report in needs to be user friendly again as it was when you could add any form.  Not all end users would be able to do this but the power users of that project who in the end will become the user when the project is finished and handed back from the consultant needs that ability to do the same thing as the owner.


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