Improve Messaging for inability to return search results

Idea created by Tyja11 on Apr 2, 2019
    • mvolz47

    Submitted ENH-000114905 Esri to improve the error messaging for failed search results while using Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS.

    For Search suggestions and Search Results in the dev tools when the User's connection has gone offline, but there's no message in the application that the search has failed, it just says "No results". Instead, it should say something like "The geocoding service could not be reached, please check your internet connection."


    The "No results" message is the same message provided when you do have an internet connection but you've entered a search string that truly has no results. Like entering "a;lsdjk;alsjdg;lakjgl;akjsdg;lajsg" in the Search when you're online gives the same result as "1600 Pennsylvania Ave" when you're offline.


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