Reusable Pop-Up Configurations

Idea created by tshindler on Mar 29, 2019

    Many services and web maps contain common layers, usually the most important, and often most complex layers. Currently, each web map must have the Pop-Up configuration process repeated for every layer, no matter how many other maps have used that same layer. In addition, if a service is updated with even one layer added or subtracted, all such configuration must be repeated, and you hope that you remember all the configuration changes that need to be made. For example, every map that has our parcel layer requires a 15 minute pop-up configuration done. Every modification, or new map requires repeating the process.


    It would save hours of work, and avoid errors, if the pop-up configuration for a given layer could be saved somewhere and re-loaded into a new or modified web map.


    This would apply to both Portal and ArcGIS Online Web Maps.